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Analysis Summary of the movie 12 Angry Men using group dynamics Essay

Examination Summary of the film 12 Angry Men utilizing bunch elements - Essay Example At the point when the gathering of attendants initially meet during the direction stage, they are visiting, making jokes and discussing an irregular rundown of things, for example, their occupations and things they could be doing as opposed to being in a jury room. The direction stage is normal for colleague, inspirational perspectives on similitudes and clearness. At this stage, the gathering is just making conclusions, not all that much. (Robbins, 1974, para 4). There is a general inclination for a large portion of the members of the jury that this will be a speedy case, not much. Anyway when the foreman of the jury; legal hearer number one takes an underlying vote the tone is set for a since a long time ago drawn procedure and the improvement of the gathering elements. In the underlying vote eleven legal hearers have just announced the litigant is liable. Just Juror number eight votes â€Å"not guilty† on the grounds of sensible uncertainty. It is never simple to be a piece of the minority since it conflicts with our normal want to be acknowledged (Johnson, 2007, p. 153). Out of this minority, the genuine pioneer starts to rise and gathering arrangement starts. Situating of intensity gets evident as the hearers predispositions, foundations and characters start to unfurl. The jury’s consultation starts when the principal vote is taken. A few members of the jury watch others casting a ballot and they lift their hands. It is just member of the jury number eight who has the mental fortitude to remain solitary and has solid feelings that the litigant isn't blameworthy past sensible uncertainty. Questions emerge as they look at the changed pieces of the declaration. These declarations were not at first considered in the primary vote. Regularizing impact by member of the jury eight starts to return from liable to not blameworthy. Through the procedure, characters unfurl and the weight of social impact is clear among the members of the jury. Colleagues need to make another social personality and relinquish their own all together for a group to be manufactured. (Levi, 2014, p.

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Master of Public Health Free Essays

1.â Statement of direction for Masters of Public Health in USA I might want to think about a reality where individuals would offer need to counteraction as opposed to fix and spare a great many dollars in clinical systems and social insurance provisions.â During the underlying phase of my clinical examinations, I was thinking about a profession in recovery medication in view of the introduction that I had in exercise based recuperation. We will compose a custom exposition test on Ace of Public Health or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now  Although I delighted in the field of helping individuals recuperate from their wounds and recapture a portion of the capacities that they have lost, I have frequently asked why individuals want to spend such a lot of cash on looking for powerful clinical treatment as opposed to forestalling sicknesses, infections and injuries.â While having close contacts with patients and checking their wellbeing conditions, my heart was attracted to seek after a profession that would offer accentuation to counteraction and essential consideration so I can support my nation and my fellowmen in Vietnam. Being a little girl of guardians who are both in the field of medication, I am sufficiently blessed to have a nearby perspective on the aptitudes, information and devotion include in being a doctor.â Since I was a kid, I had an early introduction in observing my dad render his administration as a family doctor in his private facility in our district.â My dad has been working for over 30 years.  Each time I see patients counsel him on certain ailments and medical issues that are preventable, the ceaseless idea of realizing why individuals would prefer not to forestall ailments continued pestering me.â I felt that something ought to be finished. At the point when I complete my Master certificate in Public Health, I might want to team up with the Department of Health in instructing my comrades on the significance of preventive medication so they can be saved of exorbitant doctor's visit expenses and they will have the option to live a solid and gainful life.â Furthermore, I might want to be associated with inquire about so I can bestow my insight to different specialists and clinical understudies and encourage a trade of information and perspectives among clinical experts on issues identified with general wellbeing in my nation and abroad. 2.  Submit a story depicting my past training, experience, and current expert profession destinations. Through the Japanese government grant, I was granted a full grant to take a clinical course in Japan.â I have lived in Tokyo, Japan for 6 years.â Currently, I am on my last year of my clinical investigations in Tokyo Medical and Dental University. I got an underlying prologue to general wellbeing during the 2-month course period in my current university.â The one semester class furnished me with an essential yet intensive comprehension of the issues looked in social insurance today.â Then, I went through a month of temporary position in different wellbeing centers in Tokyo and its outskirts.â To expand my insight about medicinal services in different pieces of the world, I took an interest in a month of externship in Western human services in the Gynecology office in Medical University of Valladolid in Spain.â As a clinical understudy, I have gone through the most recent two years of my investigations in the emergency clinics and wellbeing facilities.  This experience has given me a more clear view about social insurance. I am appreciative that every month, the college gives a unique talk and social insurance workshop that empowered me to meet some general wellbeing pioneers spend significant time in different fields in various countries.â The information and presentation has additionally fortified my conviction that regardless of how built up a nation is or how efficient their clinical and human services framework is, their residents will at present interest for a superior health awareness framework, a superior preventive medication and sanitation. General wellbeing will consistently be a difficult that will request huge work so as to locate a successful and effective answer for a medical issue without giving up quality.â The ceaseless issues looked by experts in general wellbeing request imaginative and deliberately thought solutions.â My clinical foundation has likewise furnished me with an opportunity to see social insurance programs in alternate points of view and set off my enthusiasm for preventive medication and quality human services. In Vietnam, I got an opportunity to help my folks while they were treating patients in their clinic.â Sometimes, I go along with them at whatever point they do their rounds and visit patients in the medical clinic.  My guardians showed me the significance of having a decent patient-specialist relationship and to keep up a decent bedside way at all times.â They accept that a viable fix doesn't just accompany its physical treatment, it should likewise meet up with the enthusiastic and otherworldly upliftment.â When all things come up short, the patients’ assurance and will to endure will dominate. My folks have presented me to the clinical cases and issues that have faced them during their clinical practice.â I got the opportunity to audit the clinical history of the patients and comprehend their illnesses.â I have additionally met a few masters who had gatherings with my folks to examine the most ideal treatment that could be given to their patients.â In numerous cases, I have frequently observed many individuals go to the emergency clinic or counsel a specialist when their disease is most noticeably awful. Others need to stay in the clinic for a long time for additional perception and further treatment.â There are youngsters who have experienced sicknesses and medical issues, for example, respiratory failure, stroke, lung disease and diabetes that could have been forestalled by following a sound lifestyle.â I have seen how individuals from the patients’ family battle to scan for cash so as to spare the lives of their friends and family and be furnished with the treatment that they required. During those years, I have consistently been pestered by the issue of counteraction and fix and how every resident could have a more extended life expectancy and a superior personal satisfaction on the off chance that they were educated and taught about the avoidance of ailments.  I have likewise pondered how the country’s assignment of assets to the individuals who have preventable diseases could have been utilized to fix other non-preventable sickness.â All these considerations have pushed me to serve my nation and be in the field of general wellbeing. I despite everything render my volunteer help at whatever point there is an opportunity to join the clinical strategic by different non-government organizations.â In the past clinical missions, I have worked with volunteer specialists, attendants and para-professionals.â I talked with patients and recorded their objections and clinical history.â Then, I went with them to the specialist who gave the treatment and gave them the important solutions and prescriptions. I additionally helped the specialists in making referrals to the medical clinics and other authority.  Sometimes, I go with certain specialists who screen the advancement of these patients.â My want information and my energy to be of administration to the network constantly develop with each presentation that I have in the field of wellbeing and medicine.â The satisfaction of seeing individuals react to the treatment and to see the grins in their countenances is invaluable and worth each ounce of work and determination that I have given to my examinations and calling. 3. Plans that the candidate needs to utilize the instruction and preparing gained at college, the necessities and additionally challenges the candidate sees as significant in the pertinent field of study, and any close to home characteristics, attributes, and abilities the candidate accepts will empower the person in question to be effective in the picked field of study. Outside understudies like me will profit by the extra-usually gifted experts and interdisciplinary program that underscore on critical thinking and the obtaining of central general wellbeing skills.â The staff brings a scope of abilities and genuine experience to its work while giving the establishment to our scholarly development. As a resident of an Asian nation, I am happy that the program consolidates research and administration exercises that are intended to distinguish and resolve financial, clinical and social issues concentrating on Africa and Asia.â This will advance my insight in infection control and avoidance while learning approaches to improve the wellbeing state of individuals dwelling in asset poor nations. Such huge numbers of lives were influenced in Asian nations because of ailments transmitted by bugs (jungle fever, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever), through food and water (cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, parasitic contamination), through close contact (AIDS/HIV, hepatitis B), and different infections (Schistosomiasis, rabies, tuberculosis, pneumonia). Inoculations for measles could have kept pregnant moms from conveying a youngster with mental impediment, deafness and blindness.â Early demise among kids could have been forestalled if there is a monstrous vaccination drive in the community.â Since Vietnam is a piece of Asia, I might want to effectively bolster and take an interest in the usage of the wellbeing program in my nation as well as in other Asian nations. Being an outsider, I accept that it will be a test to think about the general wellbeing projects, arrangements and issues just as wellbeing administrations over the states.  In my alumni considers, I hope to have various research papers and contextual analyses to take a shot at that will improved my insight and presentation on the distinctive side of medicinal services that is found in a created country.â There is a major contrast as far as general wellbeing arrangements and projects among created and creating countries.â In my examinations, I might want to altogether contemplate its disparities and might want to decide how the human services strategies and projects in the United States can be adjusted in Vietnam. How might I keep my compatriots healthy?â How would i be able to add to the nature of care

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“Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell

â€Å"Blood Brothers†, by Willy Russell, is the narrative of twin siblings destined to a common laborers abandoned mother, Mrs Johnston. One twin is called Mickey and one is called Eddie. Mrs Johnston fills in as a cleaner in Mrs Lyons' white collar class home. Mrs Lyons is fruitless and aches for a kid without a doubt. She proposes keeping one of Mrs Johnston's twins and raising it as her own as Mrs Johnston doesn't have the space or cash to help another kid. At the point when the kids are conceived they are promptly isolated. Regardless of their moms' earnest attempts, Eddie and Mickey meet again when they are seven and become closest companions and unexpectedly â€Å"Blood Brothers.† The twins keep on meeting coincidently for the duration of their lives until the distinctions in their childhood power their kinship to end. There is, be that as it may, a last gathering where all insider facts are uncovered and the two lives end in disaster. Willy Russell was conceived and experienced childhood in Liverpool. He left school at 15, without any capabilities. His work mirrors his enthusiasm for sensationalizing the lives of standard common laborers individuals in an available and engaging manner. Characters Mickey seems to be a cheerful individual, but on the other hand is exceptionally careful, as we see when Eddie gives Mickey the desserts. Mickey is shocked that Eddie gives the desserts after just asking once; he imagines that Eddie may have planned something for them. Then again, Eddie is a happy youngster, who doesn't generally have anything to stress over throughout everyday life, since Mrs Lyons can give his every need and need. He carries on with a proper existence with Mr and Mrs Lyons, in spite of the fact that we don't hear a lot of Mr Lyons all through the play. At the point when he meets Mickey he is truly reclaimed by the language that Mickey utilizes, we see this when Eddie says, â€Å"P***ed off. You express crushing things isn't that right? P***ed off. Do you realize further words like that?† This likewise shows Eddie is keen on the manner in which Mickey talks, possibly in light of the fact that Mrs Lyons has kept him secure in the course of his life and has not let him hear anything like this. In front of an audience I think Eddie may wear opulent, top of the range garments. He would talk in a conventional manner; he will possibly talk slang when he is rehashing what Mickey has said for example â€Å"p***ed off†. Mrs Johnstone, who assumes the job of the mother in Blood Brothers, appears to be blameless and gullible toward the beginning of the play. She is likewise truly simple and thinks anything she is told. A few instances of this are the point at which she is told by her ex that she is hotter that Marilyn Monroe, it likewise says in the play that she is 30 however looks 60. During the play Mrs Lyons likewise tells the mother that if once the twins are isolated and they discover that they are twins that they will kick the bucket, which Mrs Johnstone additionally accepts. The mother's youngsters additionally have a major impact in her life despite the fact that she can just barely bear to keep them. She works at Mrs Lyons' home as a cleaner to help her family. She doesn't have any one else getting any cash to her family unit as her sweetheart left her. The mother couldn't care less that there is just barely enough cash as she adores each and every one of her youngsters; we can see this in the play when she says â€Å"I love the bones off of all of them†. At the point when she is working for Mrs Lyons, she couldn't care less in the event that she is pregnant â€Å"If I have it at the end of the week I won't have to take a day off† this shows Mrs Johnstone is anxious to help her family as much as possible. Mrs Johnstone is an uneducated individual as should be obvious when she says â€Å"Ill still have the option to do me work†. She would consistently say â€Å"me† rather than â€Å"my†; nonetheless, she talks like this in light of her Liverpool highlight. Mrs Lyons, who receives one of Mrs Johnstone's infant twins, has much more force than the mother â€Å"My spouse is expected back tomorrow I should have my infant now!† The mother wouldn't like to part with her child however Mrs Lyons is a convincing individual as we see when she says â€Å"If he developed up†¦ as our son†¦ he could have everything†. When Mrs Lyons has the child she is exceptionally possessive of him â€Å"Edward is my child. Mine Mrs Johnstone†. This shows Mrs Lyons is resolved to get her direction constantly. During the play we likewise observe that Mrs Lyons is an extremely envious individual as should be obvious when she says â€Å"You're continually irritating over him, getting all worked up about him†. This additionally shows she is likewise childish as she doesn't need Eddie blending in with Mrs Johnstone and her family. She likewise shows that she is narrow minded when she says â€Å"come on, please you know it's for the best.† The police officer treats Mrs Johnstone as though she is a lower class than herself. We can see this in the manner that the cop converses with Mrs Johnstone all in all. The style and tone that the police officer converses with the mother likewise shows this. At the point when the cop visits Mrs Johnstone she makes the motivation behind why she is there clear, the impact this would have on the mother is to alarm her a piece and to monitor her youngsters. We can tell the police officer is tired of visiting Mrs Johnstone about her youngsters over and over, as we see when she says â€Å"If I experience any more difficulty from one of yours† she likewise says â€Å"I cautioned you about your Sammy, didn't I?† Here we can likewise observe the police officer rehashes herself for accentuation and to scare the mother. She additionally rehashes herself saying, â€Å"and he was going to carry out a genuine wrongdoing, love, a genuine crime†. In this statement the cop additionally converses with Mrs Johnstone as though she knows her when she says â€Å"love†. The police officer utilizes this to give herself the force in the relationship. At the point when the cop visits Mrs Lyons we can see the distinction in the manner that she is blessed to receive Mrs Johnstone. The manner in which the police officer converses with Mrs Lyons shows that she doesn't have as much certainty conversing with her, as should be obvious when she says, â€Å"well fail a debt of gratitude is in order for the drink†. At the point when the police officer says â€Å"err† we can see that she is uncomfortable addressing Mrs Lyons. In any case, we can see that the cop regards Mrs Lyons as she generally calls he by her appropriate name, and is courteous to her as we see when she says â€Å"sorry if im interfering† The play starts and finishes with the storyteller talking. The last Scene just shifts in the last line. â€Å"How one was kept one given away† and â€Å"They were conceived and kicked the bucket on the similar day†. The line changes at the finishes in light of the fact that the twins were shot dead, however toward the starting it is the point at which the twins have quite recently been conceived and the mother gives on of them away. Another word for storyteller will be narrator, and the storyteller in Blood Brothers acts like a narrator since he/she discloses to us the story before it really occur in the scene. The storyteller likewise remarks all through the play. A run of the mill thing that the storyteller would allude to is what's going on at that point in the play. He/she mentions to us what the characters are feeling which could cause us to feel distinctively about the characters. Toward the start of the play the storyteller essentially discloses to us that the mother is a detestable lady. We see this when the storyteller says â€Å"That lady with a stone instead of a heart†. As the play proceeds onward we see the mother's conditions which gives us that she isn't generally an underhanded lady. This causes us to feel thoughtful toward the mother, in the way that the storyteller discusses her in the play. Additionally toward the start of the play we imagine that Mrs Lyons is an honest individual however she truly isn't a blameless individual since she says that the twins should never meet in such a case that they do they will pass on. At the point when the twins do meet she executes them both. The storyteller doesn't generally give us a thought what Mrs Lyons resembles, which could give us the feeling that she is looking for trouble and that something will occur. The storyteller's language and the way that lines are sung implies that what they state isn't generally reasonable. Be that as it may, we despite everything tune in to what the storyteller is stating. The storyteller's lines resemble a melody on the grounds that the storyteller sings the vast majority of his/hers lines and it is additionally recounting to a pitiful story, in spite of the fact that we don't generally observe what is so dismal about the play until its finish. The impact is that it tells us that something will occur. The storyteller singing kind of takes the crowd back to the real world, with the goal that they don't get excessively sunk into the play thus that the message of the play gets across to the crowd. The finish of the play is very emotional. We realize that the play is paving the way to something awful and we at last locate this out in the last scene yet everything happens so quick. At the point when Mrs Lyons goes into the room and murders both of the twins so out of nowhere the crowd would be stunned. Arranging In front of an audience I figure Mickey would talk with a ton of slang and casual language. He may dress in old, possibly recycled garments. At the point when he moves around the stage he may move extremely mindful of his environmental factors and the individuals around him. This may be on the grounds that we realize he is a dubious individual so he may think something will occur at any second or somebody may plan something for him. We can envision this when he takes one of the desserts that Eddie offers him, attempting to work out the catch. In front of an audience I think Eddie may wear elegant, top of the range garments. He would talk in a conventional manner; he will possibly talk slang when he is rehashing what Mickey has said for example â€Å"p***ed off†. The Theater In The Round is the ideal auditorium to perform â€Å"Blood Brothers† as it gives an incredible air for the melodic. A Theater In The Round offers the entertainers the chance to enter the phase from the crowd, during exhibitions this gives a staggering impact, it will guarantee that the crowd remain in center with the show and will need to watch. In this show, a great deal of feeling is appeared in many characters. These characters must show that

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Summarize What You Learned About Yourself Everyone Is Prejudiced - 275 Words

Summarize What You Learned About Yourself: Everyone Is Prejudiced (Reaction Paper Sample) Content: Everyone is PrejudicedStudent NameInstitutionDate of SubmissionEveryone is PrejudicedSummarize what you learned about yourself doing the exercise in self-awareness in the textI still have a lot to do to fully have a grip of cultural diversity. Humans come from a wide background and are usually affected by different issues. It is, therefore, important to understand and appreciate that all people cannot be the same. Histories, religion, politics, and social backgrounds play an important role in understanding a person. While doing the exercise, I understood that, like many, I have made errors while dealing with people at different levels. I never understood why my friends of African descent used to share a lot with their friends. I only thought that they are too weak to handle situations on their own.Summarize what you learned about yourself from taking the Cultural Diversity Self-Assessment onlineWhile undertaking the assessment, I realized the major mistake that we all do by judging other based on their physical appearances. Indeed, the immigrants are not just people who refuse to learn faster and integrate into the community. I realize that some of them may lack the conducive environment to allow them to learn the language and other basic aspects of survival. The harsh treatment that they get may be weighing heavily upon them. I need to learn to be patient and to take time always to understand people's problems before having an opinion about them.Define what cultural competence is and why it is so important to those in Human ServicesCultural competence is the ability of social workers and organization to provide services that meet an individual's or a people's social, cultural, and language needs (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, Owusu Ananeh-Firempong, 2016). Cultural competence equips one with knowledge and skills that help them provide services without prejudice....

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Oedipus the King Essay - 1127 Words

Oedipus the king written by sophecles when read for the first time the reader will realize that the audience already knows what is going to happen its just the way that the characters deal will with it. There is an oracle that says that Oedipus will kill his father and marry his mother. Sophecles examines the relationship between fate and free will. Fate being what some say is an excuse. For example if I said that I could not do what I wanted to do I could say it was fate, which is junk. What is fate? Fate is something that is supposedly set out for some one when they are born. Fate pertaining to the play oedipus rex is that the mother queen locasta and the father king Laios have learned from an oracle that their son Oedipus was to kill†¦show more content†¦(Neitzsche29blooms) This basically means that if Oedipus had lived with his parents and had his parents not have given him up he could have probably avoided all of this. But since this did not happen Oedipus is forced to fend for himself. So fate is something that many people use an excuse for something that they have not yet accomplished. Also fate plays a big part in the play because Oedipus who finds out from creon that there is a killer among them, he does not know who was killed or that he had done the killing. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Free will pertaining to the play is what the character in this case oedipus does to avoid the fate that the oracle has set out for him. This means that Oedipus is so determined to find out who the killer of the king is. He goes throughout the play talking to people who might know anything about what went on before he became king. One person he talks to is terrisies. He is blind and basically says that oedipus is the killer of king Laios. Oedipus gets angry because that is a big charge. Also Oedipus has laid out a decree saying that whoever the killer is, is to be banished and not spoken to by anyone In the community. So terissies says that I should not be even talking to you because you are the killer. Es shucks burg talks about how freewill causes Oedipus to be strong and to find the killer. This basically means that sophecles wrote Oedipus to be the strongest of all the characters until the very end. It is my opinion that ifShow MoreRelatedOedipus The King Of Oedipus868 Words   |  4 Pageschallenge that waits upon one. Confidence overpowers cockiness. The cocky trait is heavily represented in the story â€Å"Oe dipus the King† (c. 430 B.C.) by Sophocles. In the story, Oedipus the king of Thebes has the cocky trait and it results in torture for life. Oedipus’s arrogant personality shows throughout the story as he tries to find the killer of the former king of Thebes, his father. Oedipus tends to deem himself as a god throughout the story which plays a big role in interaction with people around himRead MoreOedipus The King : Oedipus1328 Words   |  6 PagesOedipus the King Oedipus had a lot of different character traits both good and bad. He had a good conscience; he cared deeply for the people in his life and protected them. He was very empathetic, smart and a dependable man who lived his life with great integrity. He was an honest man with strong moral principles and lived a righteous life. He found it difficult to live anything less than a righteous life; when he realized what had become of his life, his guilty conscience consumed him. He was filledRead MoreOedipus The King Of Oedipus1019 Words   |  5 Pageswhat makes Oedipus actions in his quarrel with Teiresias and also throughout the play so dramatically compelling, is the fact that the audience knows the outcome of the story. We know Oedipus fate even before he does, and there is no suspense about the outcome itself, instead, the audience anxiously awaits Oedipus to reveal his fate unto himself in his desperate quest to rid his city of the terrible plague, or maybe even more so, to simply d iscover his own unfortunate tale. Oedipus is relentlessRead MoreOedipus the King1125 Words   |  5 PagesOedipus the King by Sophocles is about Oedipus, a man doomed by his fate. Like most tragedies, #8220;Oedipus the King#8221; contains a tragic hero, a heroic figure unable to escape his/her own doom. This tragic hero usually has a hamartia or a tragic flaw which causes his/hers#8217; downfall. The tragic flaw that Sophocles gives Oedipus is hubris (exaggerated pride or self-confidence), which is what caused Oedipus to walk right into the fate he sought to escape. Pride like that of Oedipus hadRead MoreOedipus the King1065 Words   |  5 PagesSophocles’ use of irony is amongst the greatest of all time, as demonstrated masterfully in Oedipus the King. He displays both ambition and understated humour by using irony in diverse ways, both cosmic and dramatic, as well as verbal irony to add a greater level of wit. Every word spoken holds great symbolic weight and those words contribute to a narrative that reflects the gods plans. Adversely the work of Johnathan Swift takes the form of a social satire, combining economic arguments with a sociopoliticalRead MoreOedipus the King1164 Words   |  5 Pagesmen of high reputation and good fortune such as Oedipus.† This attitude, commonly found in men of high station is not specifically identified as pride in the case of Oedipus and, indeed, different readings can place Oedipus’ great flaw in a number of areas. It seems as if Sophocles intended to emphasize the more common interpr etation of Oedipus’ flaw being excessive pride, but other interpretations, such as Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1967 film Oedipus Rex, present other possibilities as the main characterRead MoreOedipus the King773 Words   |  4 PagesThe Greek drama Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, is regarded as one of the most perfect tragedies ever written. The tragedy Oedipus the King is highly esteemed partly due to its use of dramatic irony. Dramatic irony means that facts or events, which are not known to the characters on stage or in a fictional work, are known to the audience or reader. Sophocles uses dramatic irony to demonstrate how little the protagonist really knows. The main dramatic irony in Oedipus the King contrasts Oedipus’sRead MoreOedipus The King, Or Oedipus Rex1249 Words   |  5 Pagesmost famous probably being Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, or Oedipus Rex. For a play to be considered a tragedy, it must have a tragic hero. According to Aristotleâ €™s definition of a tragic hero, they must be a decent moral person, of high social standing who eventually meets with a tragic downfall, of their own doing, suffering more than deserved, and realizing their error too late. In the play Oedipus the King, Oedipus is the epitome of a tragic hero. Oedipus Rex was generally a â€Å"good† person; heRead MoreOedipus The King And Oedipus At Colonus1567 Words   |  7 Pagesworks of Sophocles and particularly evident in Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus, not only exalts the Greek nationalism present at the date of composition but dictates the course of the story, evolving as its tragic hero works through his fated anguish. Hubris, defined as exaggerated pride or self-confidence, is the earmark character trait of Oedipus and perhaps Creon. However, it is the abandonment of his sanctimonious nature that distinguishes Oedipus as a true hero. The theme of the evolutionRead MoreOedipus The King, And Oedipus At Colonus1343 Words   |  6 Pages Oedipus, a play written by Sophocles, has become a staple in the study of a Tragic hero in classic literature. When this was written in the fifth century, theatre was more than a means of entertainment but almost a religious event. Robert Fagles goes even further by saying tha t†theatre was not only a religious festival; it was also an aspect of the city’s political life.† (Fagles) . Greek dramas were presented only twice a year during religious festivals that honored Dionysus, the god of wines

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Media Convergence Worksheet free essay sample

What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to technology, and how has it affected everyday life? What is meant by the term media convergence with regards to technology means simply the merging of different content in different media channels. An example of that would be books, newspapers, and magazines which can now be found on the Internet using any laptop, smartphone, e-reader, or tablet. The lines between traditional media and technology are becoming blurred. As forms of media converge, previously unavailable methods of communication emerge, changing the way we send and receive messages. In the past there were clear lines between radio, TV, printed media, and the internet. Now newspapers and TV programs all have their own websites giving up to date news as it happens. Printed media can be accessed on the internet using an e-reader that gives the conveniences of the internet and electronic display technology. Any mistakes I made were easy to correct and send forward in a matter of minutes. In the past those mistakes may have cost me my refinancing. Another area that is greatly affected for all of us is how we bank today. I rarely need to go into a branch to handle my finances. Many banks can make a deposit from into your account with just a picture of the check. I can access, transfer, and manage my accounts and bills all from my computer at home. What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to business, and how has it affected everyday life? It goes without saying that media convergence is a speedy process that is affecting our careers too. It is getting more and more competitive out there, employees need to start learning the converged technology as soon as it appears. Not only this but entire offices and companies have reduced in size. Papers are slowly disappearing from officers and certain slow working tools such as pens and typewriters are also disappearing. For example; consider those who are in media jobs, technology conversions are constantly changing the game when it comes to office and media skills. Even those who have already landed a job based on specific skills, are forced to stay on top of the new and emerging medias. School is never over for someone who works in the media world. At one time a person had to have asic knowledge about a few programs on the computer to be considered for a job. There was one form of technology (the PC) and it was pretty standard across the board. Now we have numerous different systems and programs to choose from. Each company is different and each need a certain set of skills. Social medias have started to play a huge part in marketing and promoting both ourselves and the job. Being able to responsibly nav igate and participate in theses mediums is vital to landing a career. What are some of the issues that result from dependency on modern media? Describe at least three issues. Media tends to influence and its obvious, there are positive as well as negative influences. However, it also depends upon the way audiences perceive things. The power of media is by far recognized by everybody in terms of advertising, marketing and as a medium to broadcast information to people at large. Since mass media is used to communicate and interact with people from various walks of life, the information reported may not be authentic from every angle. So there may be a misinterpretation of a Situation. News can also be manipulated to influence the minds of the audiences. For example; a particular political party may manipulate reports in their favor, which would indicate the political control in the media. Media bias can occur due to various issues. One of the most obvious and played out problem we see is when a particular event or a celebrity may receive undue importance. As a result society may get a warped perception of what is important, and stories that warrant the public’s real attention are overshadowed by gossip and fluff, leaving the news as it is reported lacking in substance. Not to mention that the dependence on all of these forms of media ultimately hinges on the use of the internet and electricity. If one or both of these were to fail, society may fail with it. We already have TV shows that play with the fact of this happening. Ironically we could not watch them if it did happen! Instead of environmental issues or the threat of war being our biggest worry, we now have to plan what would happen if your countries intricate system of media and technological advances crashed. Leaving us with no money, no long distance communication, and loss of production of billions of everyday items we are so spoiled by. How does media literacy help with responsible media consumption? By being aware of all medias ability to manipulate, trick or persuade the viewer through a bias argument or article, a person may avoid buying a product or uncritically accepting a point of view. Understanding how media is created, and how all the tools and techniques (like camera angles, lighting, colors, music, etc. ) are used by the professionals, will make one more apt to identify and appreciate really good media products. The understanding that all media is created by someone for some purpose will make one a more skeptical and responsible media user. However; just because a person is educated about media literacy does not mean they are immune to a fake website or bad information. Step one is being able to recognize something needs further investigation, step two is the skill to research and dig up the source of that information. Then determine if the information is credible and reliable. A somewhat shallow but common example of this would be the news headlines that read that political figure or celebrity has dies. Often the social web sites will blow up with the news that our beloved actor or actress has passed away in a tragic accident. However after careful consideration and access to a reliable (maybe more traditional) news source, we discover that it is a rumor and nothing more. Media literacy, in short, is the ability to use discernment and investigate any, and all, information that is obtained through a media outlet. Understanding and participating in media literacy will ensure that the individual is protected from opinion and false information.

Friday, April 17, 2020

My Little Quiet Place Essays - Quiet, , Term Papers

My Little Quiet Place Back home in South Carolina, my quiet place was a cabin my grandfather owned in the woods. He would take me out there to hunt and fish. The place was so quiet, you could hear the quietness. It's the sound of a tone that settles in your ear. As I got older, I use to go there to get away from the city and city problems. I miss that place. A quiet place is something everyone needs regardless if they think so or not. To some, it may be their bedroom or bathtub, or any secluded place. My quiet place here and now is Piedmont Park. Now that I reside in Atlanta, Georgia, Piedmont Park is a decent quiet place. Every Sunday I would go out to Piedmont Park and relax. It's a peaceful place in such a busy city. I would find a secluded shaded area. Every Sunday was the same routine, I would prepare the night before. I would pack in a sack, a little blanket, a few Sade CDs, and a blunt. Lying there under the clear blue sky, smelling the fresh cut grass, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle would take me into a trance. There would be couples picnicking, and families barbecuing, there would be masters walking their dogs, and kids throwing Frisbees. I would think about the previous week and prepare myself mentally for the coming week. I would sit there for hours just relaxing and vibing on Sade. I think about all the time I have wasted. I think about how we all take time for granted. I remember one time I thought about time as a bank. Each day we are credited $86,400 or 86,400 seconds. Every day we have to spend all of that money, you can't save or invest the money. To understand the value of a day, ask a mother who has given birth to a pre-mature child one day to early, to understand the value of an hour, ask someone who is waiting for a vital organ. To understand the value of a minute, ask someone who has missed the bus. To understand the value of a second, ask someone who has just been through a car accident. To understand the value of a millisecond, ask an Olympic silver medalist. Time is just one thing I think about in my quiet place. I try to accept the past and prepare for the future. Family, health, future endeavors, new friendships, friendships that you know need to end, secrets, ambitions, goals, and solitude are many things that go through my mind--and the best thing about it.......... no one interrupts you!